churchClassic old photo of the landmark Congregational Church at the corner of Broad Street and Fourth Avenue and the old Grinnell High School looking from Broad Street across the corner of Central Park.  Photo courtesy of Drake Community Library in Grinnell, Iowa.  

Introduction What is a blog, blogger and a blog site?   For our purposes here, a blog is an article or a collection of articles (a blogger is a writer) and a blog site is the place on line where the blog appears – like a web site.   The blogs here appear in reverse chronological order and the newest article (blog) can be accessed under Current Blog and the rest of the articles under Blog by Title.  See these selections -Current Blog and Blog by Title – at the top of this Home Page.

Why maintain a blog?  Ego gratification – of course, it comes in small quantities in retirement.  You have to create your own game.  Desire to express self –  Yes,  I like to write, which goes to the heart and soul of a subject and written words remain around for a while;  in speaking,  the words disappear immediately into thin air.  Keep the past in some sort of order – Yes, I like the idea of a sentimental-historical approach to articles about Grinnell and other topics.  Maybe there is no past or no future, only the present. I have a good memory, which is my main research tool.  Share ideas and establish contact with old friends and others – Somehow, I believe the blogs on aging are of some value to others.  Feedback confirms that.  It gives me something worthwhile to do – Too much leisure can be the booby prize of retirement, as can be too much activity. This is a collection of essays which I have written and are arranged in a reverse chronological order – starting with the most recent and moving back in time with the others.   The main topic of the articles is Grinnell, Iowa, my hometown, but there are also other subjects discussed.  They are a historic-nostalgic treatment of many facets of life there in the 1940’s and 1950’s including Grinnell College and Grinnell High School sporting events, customs in the neighborhoods back then, and the inevitable topic of aging and life as a septuagenarian. The articles on aging are written with my GHS class of 1957 classmates in mind as we face these adjustments together. d. adkins foto Dave Adkins GHS 1957,  B.A. Cornell College ’62,  M.A. Northeast Missouri State ’70,  Doctorate Middle Tennessee State ’75 – all in HPER.  M.A. Iowa State 2004 (Interdepartmental Spanish and Portuguese),  M.A. University of Leon (Spanish) 2010. Teacher-coach West Liberty, Iowa, Prairie City, Iowa and Dept. of Defense Schools on Okinawa;  Grad assistant instructor and basketball coach – Middle Tennessee State;  basketball coach in Lourenzo Marques, Mozambique (Africa) – coached Sporting Club of Lourenzo Marques to National C’ship of Portugal in Luanda, Angola in 1973;  State Director of Coaching in Queensland, Australia;  Head coach of Hobart Devils in Australian NBL;  overseas player agent;  adjunct instructor in Spanish at Des Moines Area Community College 2001-2010.   “Last lap project” was starting at age 60 and then dedicating the next 10 years to reading, writing, traveling, interacting, and studying Spanish attaining near native fluency, which I use daily, and also  fluency in Portuguese, which I use frequently. Interacting online with old and new friends along with colleagues in Mexico, Portugal and Mozambique give color to my days.  The idea is to keep learning, a day at a time. Retired with wife Geneva, who I met in Lourenzo Marques when she was there with U.S. State Dept.  in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Geneva was busy doing and completing the 10 year Great Books Reading Program designed by Mortimer Adler while I was reading Spanish literature for one decade. Our beloved pet is Holly, Dalmatian-Lab mix.   Author of 6 books – Home Town Memories of Grinnell, Iowa;  More Home Town Memories of Grinnell;  Memories of Cornell College; Journey in Overseas Basketball;  Essays on Old Grinnell;  and Gringoismos – Bilingual Essays. (All Available). Also, please check out the interview I did recently with Big Slam,  a Portuguese web site: http://bigslam.pt/destaques/dave-adkins-um-americano-muito-mocambicano-por-alexandre-ribeiro-franco/

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Phil Yount

    Interesting announcement, Dave. I’ll try to remember to check back from time to time. By the way, what does HPER mean?

  2. Bryan Pagliai

    Sure enjoy your blog Dave, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and writings.
    I surely look froward to receiving a blog email notifying me of a new story, brings a curious grin to my face.

  3. dAdkins Post author

    Thanks, Bryan for the feedback. I have no plan on topics, just whatever comes up and piques my interest and think it might interest others. .

  4. Karen Groves

    Dave, I am sending this link to classmates so hope you hear from some of the Class of ’57. I enjoy your stories.

  5. mjones

    Hi Dave, This is Michael Lloyd Jones the son of Sarah Adkins who is your cousin and the Daughter of Lloyd “Skip” Adkins. I am enjoying the blog and would love to get a hold of you to find out more about our family.

  6. rogersigma

    Great biographic notes

    I read you were in Mozambique coaching basketball – In what year was that?
    I lived in Mozambique till 1974 and remember a number of Americans in Mozambique coaching/playing basketball, in particular a coach/player with academica, I don’t remember his name, but this must have been in 1962/64. It was a great time and the Americans raised the game of basketball to a total new high level.
    When did you live Mozambique and did you go back?

    Take care

  7. Bob Parmley

    Dave, I did not get to Grinnell in 2014 as hoped,but plan on doing so this fall. Keep me posted if you visit the home town this year. Perhaps we could time my visit so we could chat @ coffee @ morning coffee with Gibson, Sisco, Reeves, etc. Bob

  8. dAdkins Post author

    Bob – I will be in Iowa June, July and August, so there will be some opportunities to
    get together for a coffee with the Game Time Gang. . I have a flashback memory of the old h.s. gym at GHS and after a jr. high bb practice, a thin, rangy, bespectacled lefty manager grabbed a ball and made the most of an opportunity to shoot some baskets – at least some compensation for your work as team mgr.
    Seriously, I recall that scene like yesterday. .
    Dave A.
    ps. even recall it was the east basket where you were shooting. .


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